Exclusive | Lorient owner Loïc Féry reveals discussions ongoing to reform the DNCG: “It has been politically influenced.”

Speaking exclusively to Get French Football News, Ligue 2 side FC Lorient owner Loïc Féry revealed that discussions are ongoing to reform French football’s financial watchdog, the DNCG.

“Your question is ironic, you highlight that it is the strongest financial watchdog in Europe, but then you say that some of the bankruptcies have not been avoided. Those are facts. It is indeed the strictest financial watchdog in Europe I think, it is much stricter than Financial Fair Play. And it is predominantly targeted at the smaller clubs, to ensure that people don’t go faster than the music as the French would say. It can certainly be amended.”

“I think there is some work, I am part of the board, how could we make this more efficient and probably a little bit less intrusive and we are speaking about this because it is true that clubs are private companies, yes they play in a league but they are private companies and I have a little bit the feeling that those rules that sometimes the DNCG are trying to impose are to encourage status quo. It is a bit like if you are a brand new club, and you want to spend I don’t know, it is not my position, but spend €500m and have a deficit and bring a club to a top status, I mean the biggest clubs are obviously against that. So there is an element of the financial watchdog that’s all about let’s leave things as they are, the top clubs remain the top clubs.”

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“Obviously sometimes it is a bit frustrating when you are a private company and you are trying to invest, make efforts and so on to catch up and then the financial watchdog tells you that you can’t do this, shouldn’t do this… If anything I think the financial watchdog has been too politically influenced in recent years, there were some bankruptcies that would have been avoided if clubs had been relegated when the initial problems came up and the financial watchdog saw them… but were saved by the political will.”

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