Every word of Neymar’s following PSG’s 1-0 win over Strasbourg

As picked up by L’Équipe, here is every word that Neymar uttered in yesterday’s mixed zone after he returned to action with PSG in some style, being booed by his own fans for attempting to force a summer move to Barcelona before scoring the winner with an overhead kick in added time.

How do you feel after this crazy game?

We came up against a team who stayed back and played on the counter. They played a good match but we succeeded in scoring a goal to take the 3 points.

What can you tell us about the atmosphere?

I am very calm. We all know what happened (Barcelona transfer saga), I understand that it is very difficult for them (the PSG fans). But, from now on, I am a PSG player. If they want to boo me, they should go ahead. We are more than 25 players in the squad, you cannot focus just on yourself. The other players do not deserve to be living through this situation. We have a team and we need to support the club, support Paris. When the fans are behind the team, together we are stronger.

Is this a difficult situation for you?

It is sad, it is a shame, I knew that they (the fans) would do this. It is football, but in the end, God is very just. It was a match like any other, I have already been insulted/booed in stadiums away from home, in Brazil, in France. But, now, I know that I will be playing every match as if we were away from home… I want to say that I have no problems with the fans. Sadly, I had injuries in the last two years, some very serious ones, which meant I missed a lot of matches. But, each time I was on the pitch, I met expectations. I have also undoubtedly here had the best statistics of my career. I do not need them to support me or chant my name. What I want is for them to support PSG. It is said that the club is more important than any player so they should continue to push the team. And that is better than insulting me…

They were hurt by your desire to depart. Do you regret that you were not able to sign for Barcelona?

Everyone knows that I wanted to leave. I said it and I repeated it but I am not going to get into details of the negotiations. I had personal reasons for it, it was not against the institution that is PSG. When you do not feel happy in one place, you want to leave. I did everything I could but they did not let me leave. This chapter is closed, I won’t speak about it again. My head is with PSG. I am going to give everything on the pitch. I am completely focused here, I am going to give everything I have like I have done at every club where I have been. That is my job.

How did you feel when you scored the goal?

I was very happy to score. Because, it is a unique day. I was insulted at home, I was not prepared for that, but by divine light, God blessed me. But when there was the goal, they (the fans) were forced to be happy. The celebration? No I am not becoming a father (laughs)… It is the mother of my son who had her son before the match and I promised I would make a little gesture.

Do you have a message for the ultras?

No, nothing. I just want to thank my team-mates for making it possible for me to score a goal.

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