Bobby Eaton hospitalized

Bobby Eaton’s wife via Facebook:
Everybody that knows Bobby Lee knows he does not like any kind of attention but he has been in the hospital since Friday morning he woke up and his legs were so swollen and so was his body so we took him to the hospital and its congestive heart failure his little mind isn’t working so well right now because of all the medicine they have him on and the fluid that’s on his body we’re trying to get the fluid off of him as we speak everything looks well still doing lots of tests please keep Bobby in your prayers he is a very sweet man everybody that knows him loves him dearly he’s one tough man I can tell you that it’s been hard not sharing this but I believe in the power of Prayer they say his pacemaker is working good so that’s a blessing again thank you for your prayers for our Bobby Lee is a beautiful soul his nephew Joshua and sister Debbie are with him now they arrived yesterday they’re second trip back thank you guys for helping💜🙏💜🙏💜🙏💜🙏💜Click Here: Antoine Griezmann jersey sale