TNA Re-Structuring Talent Deals, Backstage News On Expected Sale Of Company

TNA is reportedly making some big internal changes. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, TNA officials are currently trying to re-structure contracts for the majority of their roster. The re-structuring involves the company controlling all of their talents’ outside bookings, which reportedly is a move to give TNA more value in the event of a sale.

Regarding rumors of a sale, officials are keeping quiet and the talent seems to be in the dark on the issue. The Wrestling Observer also claims that at least one person was told that when any sale or investment is completed, Dixie Carter and John Gaburick would still be in control of the company.

For the first time in several months, TNA has also reportedly started offering deals with “significant” money attached to them to free agents in the wrestling world.

It was reported in April that TNA is in talks with three possible investors. One is a TV company that could air Impact Wrestling on it’s own channel and operate the company similar to how Turner operated WCW. Another one is a marketing agency operated by the Harris brothers, and the other is a company called Summit Strategic Investments that specializes in “troubled assets.” TNA’s international partners Sony Six in India and Challenge TV in the UK both turned down offers for 10% ownership of the company in exchange for funding.

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