Jim Ross Suggests That TNA Changes Their Name

Jim Ross suggests that TNA gives itself a total overhaul as far as branding goes. The WWE Hall of Famer wrote on his website about TNA’s current financial situation, and his suggestion for their future. Here’s what Ross wrote:

Apparently, things internally at TNA are challenging these days as they are moving out of their long time offices to consolidate into their warehouse while they are allegedly speaking with a potential buyer/investor for their company. TNA apparently needs an infusion of cash to help keep their company moving forward. Real wrestling fans never want to see a wrestling company fail and the same holds true here. I’m pulling for Impact Wrestling and my many friends who work there.

If they do get an investor and initiate a restart of their brand I’d suggest that they change their name to give the ‘new brand’ a fresh start. Nonetheless, I’m hopeful that TNA Impact Wrestling can kick out of this apparent predicament.

You can read Ross’ entire blog entry here.

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