Jeremy Borash Speaks On Issues With Eric Bischoff, Vince Russo, TNA & More

The following are highlights of a new v2 Wrestling Podcast interview with Jeremy Borash:

On Vince Russo: “I have not seen or spoken to Vince Russo in two years, so I couldn’t tell you of his involvement, on what level it is, if at all.”

On his spat with Eric Bischoff, after a bartender told Bischoff that Borash had been claiming to be the TNA owner: “The guy that told him that was a guy named Magnus – not the wrestler; Magnus the bartender – who is a family friend, and I believe knew that Eric and I had not exactly gotten along before. I think Eric might have been tipping a few back, and I think Magnus was effing with him a little bit. Anybody who knows me knows that I would not go around and tell anybody that I own TNA, that is absurd. And if I did own TNA, I’d be driving a much better car and dating a supermodel. Eric apologized to me a hundred times for it, and more than made good for it, and I totally forgive him. It was just a joke that got out of hand.”

On what he would do differently if he owned TNA: “Move it to London. The fan base is a huge missed opportunity. The production in the UK is miles ahead of anything that is in the U.S., and I have no idea why, but I am a huge fan of the production values over here. I would use that production, and take advantage of how passionate the crowd is.”

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