DDP Talks About Jake Roberts Documentary, Teaching DDP Yoga To WWE Stars

Former WWE and WCW talent Diamond Dallas Page recently appeared on The Wrestling Podcast Network. Here are some highlights of what he said about:

“The Resurrection of Jake The Snake” Documentary: “Our goal is to not just make a movie. Our goal coming into this movie is to do an Oscar nominated documentary. That’s our goal. Whether that becomes true or not remains to be seen. I would love to do something with the WWE when it comes to it.”

Teaching DDP Yoga to WWE talent: “Triple H brought me down there about four months ago. I did a seminar with the guys and girls down there and they loved it. Everybody has the program now. It’s great for healing your body. Ryback is another guy that does it (DDP Yoga) and does it consistently too. Ryback is still hitting the weights obviously so he can maintain that massive size that he has. For him, its strength and conditioning, preventive maintenance for his body so he doesn’t break down.”

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