Bombay High Court Protects 72-Year-Old Woman From Abusive Son, Bars Him From Coming Home

In today’s times, kids do not prefer to take care of their parents and often send them to old-age homes. If the parents somehow do stay home, their children mistreat them as grown-ups, making it difficult to protect themselves at that age.

representational / reuters

To address one such issue, Bombay High Court has come to the aid of a 72-year-old city doctor and denied her son permission to enter her house after she alleged he regularly abused her. A bench presided over by Justice SJ Kathawalla refused to allow a plea filed by the woman’s son seeking access to the house. “Prima facie, the plaintiff (the son) has no right over the house of the mother, and also cant claim any right or entry on the ground of dispossession, when the mother is seriously troubled over the problems created by him in the house,” the bench said.

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