Jamie Dornan Shows Off His Sexy Muscles, Ladies Everywhere Go Nuts

Just when we thought we couldn’t possibly get any more excited for February’s steamy release of Fifty Shades Darker, enter Jamie Dornan showing off his bulging biceps while doing insane gymnastics moves.

The Fifty Shades of Grey hottie, who has teased his shirtless physique and smoldering glances in a myriad of trailers leading up to the highly anticipated sequel, gave us yet another reason to swoon when he made an appearance on Wednesday’s episode of Conan.

The 34-year-old, who plays the fitness-obsessed Christian Grey, is seen lifting weights in the film, but the actor revealed that he and director James Foley decided to take things up a notch with a certain muscle-centric “party trick” that involves a pommel horse. Be still, our beating hearts.

The star then proceeded to demonstrate the sexy gymnastics move by holding up his body with his arms and using host Conan O’Brien’s desk as a support.

While Dornan made the move look oh-so-effortless, he revealed that he informed the Fifty Shades film crew that there was only going to be one take of the scene.

“I was like, ‘Ok, look, you’ve got one take to get this.’ It’s so hard to do,” he told O’Brien. “We did it and I was like, ‘Just make sure everything’s in focus and there’s enough film in the camera and we’re going to do this once and then I’m going to need like a rest in my trailer.'”

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Check out the impressive move in the video above!

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