Hamilton dismisses Vettel ‘clear the air’ talks

Lewis Hamilton isn’t interested in speaking to Sebastian Vettel after Sunday’s controversial incident in Baku, insisting he’ll do his talking on the race track.

The Mercedes driver was hardy impressed with his rival’s antics in yesterdays’ race when the Ferrari driver deliberately rammed the side of the Brit’s car low speed to express his anger at what he perceived as a brake-test by Hamilton.

Vettel suggested that he will talk to Hamilton privately to ‘sort things out’, but the latter doesn’t appear keen on communicating with his title rival. 

“Firstly he doesn’t have my number,” said Hamilton, when asked about Vettel’s initiative.

“For me I’m just going to do my talking on the track, that’s most important for me. I’ve heard of what he’s said after the race and it seems kind of…because I’ve not come out of the race pointing the finger or said anything, it is what it is.

“It happened, I don’t think it was right but the biggest thing for me was that I lost the race through the headrest issue.

“All I’m thinking of is, get my head together. I want to kill it the next 12 races to go. I want to win the next 12 races.”

  • Vettel willing to ‘sort it out’ with Hamilton

Hamilton admitted he probably needed more time to digest Sunday’s events, but at the very minimum he considers Vettel to have acted in an unfair and unsporting manner.

“I need some time to reflect on it all, but I think ultimately what happened was disrespectful,” said Hamilton.

“If I had had any ill intent in terms of my driving towards him, brake testing whatever it may be, I still think it’s not deserving of that kind of reaction from someone…that person you do have respect for and always showed it on the track.

“There’s a lot of kids, every other class and category there’s kids on TV watching us and to see a multi multi world champion who you think would behave better than that.

“That’s the kind of thing you see in go-karts which you learn from not doing in karts.

“I hope that kids don’t see that in GP2 and GP3 and think that’s the right way. Obviously, everyone has their own opinion about certain things but I just hope that youngsters don’t think that.

“That’s not how you drive. And that’s not an answer to any situation or issue you have anyway.”


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