Grosjean: Stewards lenient with Hamilton due to title fight

Romain Grosjean has hit out at the British GP Steward’s  decision not to penalise Lewis Hamilton for what the Haas driver believed was a clear case of blocking.

Grosjean was on fast run in Q3 when he encountered Hamilton’s Mercedes ahead and slowed as a consequence, with the Haas team alleging that the forced braking has caused a 0.35 seconds loss.

The FIA took note of the incident which was later investigated by the stewards who considered that Grosjean’s run had not been impeded.

“If losing 0.3 to 0.4s in one corner is not being impeded I’m very surprised,” reacted a visibly irritated Grosjean.

“I think it opens room for mess in qualifying and the rules are pretty clear.

“Maybe if it was another driver the sanction would have been something and it does feel sometimes like there are two types of decisions.”

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Grosjean suggested that perhaps all drivers are not equal when it comes to sanctions and circumstance, with a double standard approach being applied.

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“I know that there is a world title going on at the front but we are in a position where we actually fight as hard as the boys at the front and I was impeded today.

“We’ve put a lot of work in and yes I lost 0.35s in two corners. If next time I have to get my front wing in his rear diffuser to show that I have been impeded…

“We’ve got very clear rules in qualifying and with ten cars in track in Q3 we should not have those problems.”

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