Thomas Tuchel: “Bayern will push very high up. The challenge will be to find spaces.”

Speaking to RMC Sport ahead of tonight’s Champions’ League final, PSG manager Thomas Tuchel discussed his tactical decisions pre-match.

“From a sporting perspective, this is the most difficult competition. We are in the final, that is extraordinary. The challenge now, is to win. The final hours before the match, they are not easy, not nice. Now, it is easier because I am talking to you. The players are good. We are doing the same things as usual. It helps not to think too much about the circumstances. I hope that we will play freely and enjoy playing, fighting and suffering together. This is a dream for all the players.”

On the supporters:

It is incredible. I saw the footage after our victory in the semis – it is incredible. I can’t imagine the party we would throw if we win this title. We have to give even more and then we will do it!

On game-plan:

I hope that we will also have possession, to play our style. Bayern will push very high up. The challenge will be to find spaces, even though it will be very difficult.

On Marco Verratti:

Marco is ready, but not for 90 minutes. We have opted for the rhythm of Leo (Paredes) and Ander (Herrera), it gives us more possibilities to change it up. To be able to bring Marco, it is superb.




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