Aminata Diallo’s lawyers take midfielder’s defence following release under legal supervision

As reported by Le Parisien this afternoon, the legal team of midfielder Aminata Diallo have held a press conference after she was released from prison under legal supervision, for her suspected involvement in the attack on ex-teammate Kheira Hamraoui in November of last year.

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The decision regarding her release – after being arrested for the second time in relation to the case – was taken by a judge and is being contested by the Versailles public prosecutor.

She remains under investigation for “grave acts of violence” and “criminal conspiracy”, and has for now returned to her home town of Grenoble. 

Her lawyer, Mourad Battikh, insists that her legal team is “mobilised to prove her innocence” and took aim at the way in which the investigation was carried out – “The first victim is Kheira Hamraoui, but the second is Aminata Diallo, who was also assaulted that night and held against her vehicle. The fact that Hamraoui was a victim that night does not mean that Diallo was responsible. Over leads have to be explored. […] There is an imbalance between [the time given to leads involving] Aminata Diallo and other leads which could have been explored, in our view.”

The lawyers also sought to highlight that the wiretaps allegedly showing a fraught rapport between Diallo and Hamraoui were not indicative of their true relationship, and insisted that suspected Google searches in the lead-up to the event were taken out of context.

 Le Parisien previously claimed that the 27-year-old was looking to oust Kheira Hamraoui from the club, in concert with an intermediary named César M.. Her lawyers have said that they reserve the right to contest a widening of the scope of the investigation to include charges of potential fraud against PSG, and have indicated that this track was only explored so as to explore more thorough investigation techniques such as wiretaps.