7/17/19 WWE NXT Recap

The opening credits roll. Beth Phoenix, Mauro Ranallo, and Nigel McGuinness are on commentary.
Adam Cole will defend the NXT Championship in tonight’s main event. Also, Kushida will go one-on-one with Apollo Crews.

Match #1 – Singles Match: Matt Riddle vs. Arturo Ruas
Ruas takes Riddle down and goes for a rear-naked choke, but Riddle gets free. They exchange shots and Riddle backs Ruas into the corner. Riddle goes for a headlock, but Ruas counters with a power slam. Ruas goes for an arm-bar, but Riddle gets free and goes for his own. Ruas gets free and goes for a front face-lock, but Riddle escapes. They exchange kicks and then Ruas takes Riddle to the mat. Ruas connects with a few shots before Riddle escapes. Riddle kicks Ruas to the mat, but Ruas comes back with a kick to the face. Ruas connects with more shots, but Riddle kicks free and then delivers the Final Flash knee strike. Riddle delivers a series of rights and forearm shots and the referee stops it.
Winner via Referee Stoppage: Matt Riddle
-After the match, Killian Dain rushes the ring and beats down Riddle. Dain tosses Riddle out of the ring and continues the beat down. He delivers a few sentons and then throws Riddle up the ramp. Dain sentons onto Riddle and they crash through the stage. Dain emerges and stares down at Riddle as referees tell him to leave.

The Street Profits host another edition of Street Talk. They talk about Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly keep disrespecting them. The Profits say they are serious about the titles and Fish and O’Reilly can have a shot whenever they want it.
Footage of Mia Yim attacks Marina Shafir in a parking lot before a live event this past weekend.

Match #2 – NXT Breakout Tournament First Round Match: Dexter Lumis vs. Bronson Reed
Reed applies a side-headlock and drops him with a shoulder tackle. Lumis kicks up, but Reed delivers another shoulder tackle. Lumis comes back with an elbow shot and then goes for a suicide dive, but Reed moves. Lumis lands on his feet, but Reed takes him out with a cross-body. Reed tosses Lumis back into the ring, but Lumis punches Reed in the throat. Lumis drapes Reed over the ropes and then delivers a series of rights. Lumis stomps on Reed and then wrenches his neck. Lumis slams Reed to the mat and delivers a double ax handle. Lumis wrenches Reed’s neck again, but Reed gets free. Lumis delivers a knee strike and runs the ropes, but Reed takes him down with a power slam. Reed delivers elbow strikes and then a back body drop. Reed runs over Lumis and then connects with a senton. Reed goes for the cover, but Lumis kicks out at two.
Lumis comes back with a belly-to-back suplex and then connects with a leg drop. Lumis goes for the cover, but Reed kicks out at two. Lumis goes up top and goes for a senton, but Reed dodges it. Reed slams Lumis to the mat and goes up top himself. Reed connects with a splash and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Bronson Reed

Tyler Breeze is backstage for an interview. Breeze says everyone seems to have a group in NXT these days, so he needs to adapt. He is interrupted by The Forgotten Sons. Steve Cutler says this isn’t the NXT of old and actual men are here now. Breeze says he is a man and points at his beard. He mistakes Jaxson Ryker for Buddy Murphy and Wesley Blake gets in his face. Blake says Breeze hasn’t seen anything yet, but Breeze says he has seen everything and walks away.
Up next: Kushida vs. Apollo Crews.

Footage of Io Shirai’s promo from last week is shown, when she said she doesn’t need any friends. Shirai will take on Kacy Catanzaro next week.

Match #3 – Singles Match: Kushida vs. Apollo Crews
Crews delivers a waist-lock take down, but Kushida turns it into a front face-lock. Kushida gets a quick cover for one, but they stand at a stalemate. Crews applies a side-headlock, but Kushida gets free. Crews delivers a dropkick and sends Kushida to the corner. Crews delivers a clothesline, but Kushida goes to the floor. Crews follows him, but Kushida gets back into the ring and delivers a double heel strike that sends Crews to the floor. Kushida tosses Crews back into the ring and applies an works over Crews’s arm. Crews comes back with a gut-buster, and then delivers a delayed vertical suplex. Crews goes for the cover, but Kushida kicks out at two. Crews applies a rear chin-lock, but Kushida fights back. Crews drops him with a back elbow and then delivers shots in the corner.
Crews splashes Kushida and tosses him across the ring. Crews goes for the cover, but Kushida kicks out at two. Crews sends Kushida to the corner and charges, but Kushida moves and comes back with right hands. Kushida kicks Crews in the arm and then delivers a handspring back elbow. Kushida drops Crews with an arm-drag and then delivers a basement dropkick. Kushida drops Crews with a DDT and goes for the cover, but Crews kicks out at two. Kushida wrenches Crews’s’ arm and then kicks him in the arm a few times. Kushida delivers elbows and comes off the ropes, but Crews kicks him in the face. Crews goes for the cover, but Kushida kicks out at two. Crews connects with the standing Shooting Star Press and goes for the cover, but Kushida kicks out again. Kushida comes back with a reverse STO and sends Crews into the ropes.
Kushida drops Crews with a hurricanrana, but Crews rolls through and gets a two count. Kushida connects with an overhead kick, but Crews counters with an enzuiguri. Crews goes up top, but Kushida cuts him off. They battle on the top and Crews sends Kushida back down. Kushida comes right back with a double heel strike and then Kushida flips Crews to the mat and goes for the arm-bar. Crews tries to get to the ropes, but Kushida locks in the Sakuraba Lock and Crews taps out.
Winner: Kushida
-After the match, they shake hands and share a hug.

Keith Lee is backstage for an interview. Lee says the word tenure makes him think about progress, but he hasn’t really made any progress. He says he has been here about a year and all he heard about when he signed was how opportunities would be laid at his feet. He says it feel like he has been looked over and passed by and it’s funny when he thinks about it. He says everyone is talking about Damian Priest and perhaps he should be the one to show people that they should be talking about him, not Priest. Lee and Priest will go one-on-one next week.

The Undisputed Era’s music hits, and the NXT Champion, Adam Cole, makes his way to the ring. Cole says why he has been gone, his boys have been holding it down in NXT. He says he is ready to take on all comers and it ready to put the title on the line. Cole says he is going to put it on the line tonight against this man…
A video of Johnny Gargano taking the NXT Championship to the wrestling school he trained in airs. Cole says he is defending the title against one of the guys in the school, Twan Tucker. Tucker comes to the stage and Cole says he is getting the opportunity of a lifetime and it’s just them. Cole says the Era is not there, and Tucker says he did not come alone, and Gargano’s music hits. Gargano storms the ring and he and Cole brawl. Gargano beats Cole out of the ring and then chases him through the fans. Gargano gets the upper hand and beats down Cole. Cole tries to fight back, but Gargano sends him through the barricade and continues the beat down. Referees rush out and pull Gargano away. Cole holds up the title, but Gargano flies over the referees and takes Cole down again. They brawl on the entrance ramp and back into the ring. Gargano delivers a few superkicks and then locks in the Gargano Escape and Cole taps out. Referees finally pull Gargano off and Gargano backs up the ramp and holds up three fingers as the show come to a close.Click Here: Earth Day Forever Stamps 2020