WWE Superstars On Their Favorite Bands

– Robert Pasbini of Metal Injection attended a WWE 2k18 event over SummerSlam weekend and asked superstars about their favorite bands, check out their responses below:

Bray Wyatt

“Easily my favorites are Pantera and Rage Against The Machine. Kind of a testament to what molded me as a child.”

Dean Ambrose:

“I grew up on Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Metallica. Deftones is probably my favorite band of all time.”

Kurt Angle:

“You’re not gonna believe this, but I listen to Christian music.”

Braun Strowman:

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“It depends on what kind of mood I’m in that day. A lot of Metallica stuff, a lot of Tool. When i do cardio I like to listen to rap because it helps me get through the cardio, because I hate cardio.” He mentions that he hit his biggest deadlift of 1,055 pounds to a dubstep song, “First Of The Year” by Skrillex.

Alexa Bliss:

“I’m still a sucker for my middle school phase like Panic! At THe Disco, Bowling For Soup, My Chemical Romance, Simple Plan, Starset. And Aerosmith, I love Aerosmith.”

Bobby Roode:

“It’s funny because my ‘Glorious’ song reminds me a lot of Queen. I grew up listening to them, my dad was a big Queen guy.”

Jinder Mahal:

Continued to play the ultimate heel, mentioning Nickleback as one of his favorite metal bands along with Metallica.