WATCH: Tyrese Gibson Goes After The Rock Again, Calls Him “Selfish” and Rips Him For “Fast” Delay


As the story of beef between Dwayne Johnson and Tyrese Gibson continues to develop, we noted earlier today that Vin Diesel has offered his opinion of the current “Fast & Furious” drama. On the situation surrounding the “Fast 9” release date being delayed, Diesel remained impartial, saying “it would be unfair to say it is anyone’s fault.”

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TMZ has since released a new video, which you can check out below, featuring Tyrese Gibson furthering lashing out at The Rock, despite him saying he is not angry with Johnson deciding to star in the “Fast” spinoff movie “Hobbs”.

“The truth is, I just wish [The Rock] was releasing [“Hobbs”] at a different time”, said Gibson. “It appears that he’s being selfish, it appears that he’s so focused on furthering his own self interests…he’s making decisions from the seat he’s sitting in.”

On “Fast & Furious 9” not coming out until 2020, Gibson simply said “it’s f**ked up.”

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