The Very Latest On Matt Hardy’s “Broken” Trademark Claim and WWE Possibly Making a Deal

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As seen on WWE TV in the past couple weeks, WWE has been going “full throttle” with the “Broken Matt Hardy” teases, as Hardy had a “total breakdown” after his loss to Bray Wyatt on Raw this week, and was repeatedly screaming his famous “delete” line.

Furthermore, WWE has been teasing Hardy’s “condition” has been shifting as of late, and Hardy has been referring to himself as “woken” on social media.

We noted back on November 17th that Hardy was attempting, once again, to trademark the name “Broken Matt Hardy”, however, he would need to wait thirty days for anyone to oppose the trademark filing before the name officially belongs to Matt. It’s unclear if that thirty days has yet to run out, but it seems unlikely.

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On yesterday’s edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, host Dave Meltzer speculated that a deal might have been reached for WWE to use the “Broken” character, or a version of it, on television. Meltzer added it’s unlikely WWE would be so aggressively teasing the gimmick if the company did not have permission to use it. As of now, it’s unknown whether Hardy himself reached a deal with Anthem for the intellectual property, or if it was done by WWE.

The holdup by Anthem/Impact Wrestling has been the reason why Hardy has not been able to use the gimmick in WWE, and it’s possible WWE’s Plan B is the “woken” character should they ultimately end up unable to use “broken” on TV.

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