WWE Main Event Results (12/16/2014): Grand Rapids, Michigan

WWE Main Event on the WWE Network
Live from Grand Rapids, Michigan at Van Andel Arena
Report by F4WOnline.com

WWE Main Event from Grand Rapids featured Eric Rowan playing chess and being referred to as genius only to basically lose clean in the middle of the ring after a chokeslam from Kane. The Miz continues his attempt to gain the trust of Naomi much to Jimmy’s chagrin. The New Day triumphed over Tyson Kidd and Cesaro while Nattie looked on. After playing chess with Rowan like she was a blue eye, Paige subsequently won as heel over Emma in a fairly one-sided divas match.

The show aired one hour earlier than usual and seemed to have a somewhat different tone than a typical episode. MizTV opened the show with Naomi as the guest. Of course, Mizdow shadowed Miz. Miz introduced Naomi as his “close personal friend.” As for that, Naomi said he was dreaming. She added he was “just talk” when saying she doesn’t buy into Miz and what he has been saying. In turn, Miz called her beautiful and claimed he was for real. Naomi told Miz if there wasn’t anything else major, she was done with the conversation. Then the plot thickened as Miz promised her a divas title match on the live Smackdown broadcast.

In regards to her accepting the title match for later on, Miz said he understood if Naomi had to get permission from her husband first. Enter the Usos. Miz and Mizdow bailed out and fled off the set as Jimmy and Jey stormed to the ring. Miz told Jimmy he was ruining the moment for his wife. Jimmy fired back that his wife didn’t need the help of Miz. Jimmy very sternly told Miz to stay away from his wife. Miz pleaded that all he wanted was to see Naomi succeed and speculated that her husband didn’t feel the same way.

Later in the show, Naomi approached Miz backstage and apologized for the earlier incident. Miz suggested she needed to control her husband. If she failed to do so, Miz claimed all her dreams would go away. Mizdow mimicked throughout.

Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods (with Big E) beat Cesaro & Tyson Kidd (with Natalya). In an in-set promo beforehand, Cesaro said the team of himself and Tyson were the best new tag team in WWE. Tyson said they had the best support system as Nattie blushed. She was somewhat dejected when Tyson said he was referring to himself & Cesaro. The match itself was good which was no surprise given the participants, but it also refreshing all the same.

Big E at ringside gave Nattie a handkerchief emblazoned with New Day colors as the match began. Cesaro and Xavier started and Xavier did a uniquely cool reverse out of wheelbarrow as the match progressed. When Kofi tagged in he entered with a dive off the top that sent Cesaro reeling for a moment. Cesaro quickly recovered and cut off Kofi before tagging Tyson. After many great exchanges with Tyson and Kofi, Xavier tagged back in and the New Day members gave Tyson a double shoulder tackle. Tyson briefly recovered yet Kofi hit a flying high cross body and clotheslined Tyson over the top rope to the floor. Kofi and Xavier did stereo flip dives out over the ropes to the outside. Moments later when Kofi went for a tag, Cesaro pulled Xavier off the apron to avoid it. Likewise, the heels began to get heat on Kofi before a commercial plugging the Triple H workout tutorial.

After the break, more heat on Kofi for an extended period of time. Eventually, Kofi fired up and Cesaro once again interfered and kicked Xavier off the apron. Cesaro started the giant swing on Kofi that culminated in a dropkick from Tyson. Tyson and Cesaro landed an assisted splash and a legdrop respectively in another combination. After a comeback by Kofi, Xavier got the hot tag in and reentered the fray like a house of fire. For his earlier illegal interference, Xavier gave Cesaro an enzuigiri that sent the Swiss superstar off the apron. Xavier did a cool fireman’s carry into a gutbuster for a nearfall. Cesaro tried to interfere again and Kofi made the save. He and Cesaro spilled out to floor leaving Xavier and Tyson to trade nearfalls with rollups and creative pinning combinations. For the finish, Xavier and Kofi did a combination of the Demolition finisher tweaked with Kofi diving off the top with double foot stomp for the pinfall. The New Day shined. Nattie tried to comfort her husband and his partner after the loss.

Backstage, Rowan was playing chess with a friendly Paige. Titus barged into the scene to antagonize Rowan and belittle his intelligence. Titus also put over himself and his skills at chess. Titus reluctantly accepted a challenge for an impromptu chess match. Once underway, Titus starting singing a different tune and then he appeared to not understand the rules of the game. So, he ransacked the chess board, scattering pieces about the board before storming off.

Paige beat Emma. They played cat-and-mouse early until Paige got Emma in her clutches and proceeded to pummel her for the majority of the contest. Emma made an ever so brief comeback that led into the Emma lock in the ropes. Paige then quickly dispatched her and eventually made Emma tap out to the PTO for the submission.

Kane beat Rowan. The story of the match was Titus O’Neil doing guest commentary and bickering with Michael Cole on matters of playing chess, education and whatnot. Titus offhandedly inquired about drinks sitting on the announce desk as he appeared perturbed about the sight of them. All Rowan on offense in the early portion until Kane executed a DDT. Kane got heat on Rowan for a bit then Rowan made a comeback with a full nelson slam. Kane snapped Rowan’s neck on the top rope then climbed up the turnbuckles only to get a big boot from Rowan. Kane blocked an attempted superplex then dove off the top with a flying clothesline. He went for the chokeslam but Rowan escaped his grasp and hit a spin kick. Titus again mentioned the drink cups on the table as the action spilled outside. Rowan sent Kane into the announce desk and the drinks spilled on to Titus and his suit. He was quite upset about his expensive suit getting wet. Back in the ring, Kane almost nonchalantly gave Rowan a chokeslam for the pin and that was it.

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