Tyler Breeze To Move To Main WWE Roster This Week?, Sami Zayn/EVOLVE News

– As noted, former NXT Champion Sami Zayn made a special appearance at the EVOLVE 49 iPPV event in New York City on Saturday night, addressing the live crowd after the main event. Zayn praised the efforts of Johnny Gargano, who competed in the main event of the evening, and teased big things between NXT and EVOLVE going forward. Zayn’s appearance helped set EVOLVE’s new all-time attendance record, and the NXT star was reportedly having a blast hanging out backstage at the show.

– Speaking of NXT talents, Tyler Breeze is expected to move to the main WWE roster “very soon,” according to a new report at F4WOnline.com. The current talk is that his official main roster debut could happen this week, but it could end up being bumped back one week.

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