Jim Ross Q&A: Big Show's Career, Undertaker's Retirement, Montreal Screwjob

The following are highlights from a new online Q&A update by WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross:

On if WWE could do more with rivalries in wrestling: “For the most part more can be done for all rivalries. It’s a time consuming process and many fans and decision makers have little or no patience in allowing issues to organically evolve. Too much is over thought.”

On who he considers to be the most “over” star in WWE today: “Daniel Bryan.”

On his thoughts of Big Show’s career: “He’s had a distinguished career. He’s an attraction talent who has been forced to be an every day player which is tough.”

On how many years The Undertaker has left as a performer: “I have no idea. Not as many as he has invested.”

On the Montreal Screwjob: “I’ve addressed this SO many times here at the Q&A’s and on many blogs, etc. I was not aware of what was going to occur in Montreal. I had no idea what was to go down. Don’t recall the talks about bringing Bret back as he had health issues and a significant financial deal with Time Warner.”

Check out more from JR’s new Q&A update at JRsBarBQ.com.

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