Jim Ross Blog: Wrestle Kingdom 9 Broadcast Partner, Ross Report News & Notes

The following are highlights of the latest Jim Ross blog:

On The Hardy Boys On The Ross Report: “Tuesday night a new Ross Report drops at 9 pm ET with Matt and Jeff Hardy joining me on one of my favorite shows involving two of my favorite people who I’ve seen grow up before my very eyes. Expect candid conversation and some laughs as well from the two, talented North Carolina brothers.”

On Bryan Alvarez On The Ross Report: “Also Tuesday I will be talking to both Bryan Alvarez about the new version of the ‘Death of WCW’ book along with talking to Karl Anderson about the January 4, 2015 Tokyo Dome event that we will both be a part of on PPV. The show will @BryanAlvarez and @Machinegunka Karl Anderson will air in late December. If you check out the homepage of this site you can see all our podcast guests that I’ve booked through January 2015.”

On Wrestle Kingdom 9: “For all of you that are asking, I do not make the final decision on who I will be working with on January 4th in Tokyo at Wrestle Kingdom 9. Several of you have made some great suggestions on twitter @JRsBBQ. Whoever it will be will be the best person available and I don’t expect any on air “bickering” to interrupt the matches. The PPV is about the wrestlers and not about the announcing. The talents make the music and the announcers add the lyrics or that’s how I see it. I said that this might be the best, pure wrestling PPV show that I’ve ever broadcast based on what I’ve seen online in my prep work. That question will be better addressed after January 4. I have high expectations for both the in ring product and my work describing it.”

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