Jim Ross Blog: Royal Rumble Criticism, Build To WrestleMania 31, Impact

The following are highlights of the latest blog by WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross:

On WWE Royal Rumble criticism: “The negativity that I’m receiving on our Q&A’s and on Twitter @JRsBBQ regarding the Royal Rumble is getting silly. If someone asks my take on the WWE Royal Rumble and how it ended and I don’t agree exactly with their opinion then I’m a WWE sycophant. I am stating facts from my 40 years in the business and not knee jerking my way into being incoherent. It’s mighty easy to book pro wrestling storylines after the fact. As easy as it is to make a wrong turn it’s just as easy to get back on the right path. I learned years ago that there are multiple ways to do the right thing while compiling wrestling storylines and it’s just as easy if not easier to pick virtually any idea a part. To say that wrestling creative is subjective might be the understatement of the year.”

On TNA Impact Wrestling: “Good to hear that TNA is improving their TV audience as all wrestling fans should be pulling for ALL groups to do well. The issue there is that Destination America is in a smaller amount of homes than, say, Spike TV, and the chances of @ImpactWrestling to exceed their Spike numbers will be extremely challenging. Nonetheless, the brand has several talents that like and at one point in my career with who I would have loved to have worked. Check these folks out on Friday nights, which actually is another challenge as Friday nights are tough as most TV producers will tell you.”

On the build to WrestleMania 31: “In wrestle speak, having 60 days to build to a card such as WM31 is a lifetime in today’s grappling world. I’m motivated to go along for the ride WWE will provide us and see, at the end of the day, how all this will work out building to the biggest event of the year and one, ironically, that many promotions and wrestling entrepreneurs will gravitate to to earn monies off the fans that WM31 will attract….and that includes yours truly as well.”

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