Jerry Lawler Talks Monday's RAW, The Rock's Return, "This Is Stupid" Chants

WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler was a guest on the debut episode of the new “This Is Awesome Wrestling Show” podcast.

– He talked about him and the announce team not knowing about The Rock coming back on Raw and how they thought when his music hit, it was going to be the Big Show dressed as The Rock. He mentions you see how much The Rock is still relevant and compares to stars now.

– The King also talks about possibility stepping back into a WWE ring. He also talks about a possible John Cena heel turn, which he says “never say never”.

– He also talks about announcing back in the Attitude Era vs. now, his jokes he used back then and now. How Triple H and other higher ups asked Jerry about Kevin Steen, who Jerry wrestled before Kevin signed with WWE.

Also, he talks about the crowd at Raw in Brooklyn, and even mentions when the crowd started chanting “This is Stupid” and says, hey, I was thinking the same thing.

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