Jake Roberts Taken Off Ventilator Earlier Than Planned, Finally Able To Speak Again

Sinn Bodhi posted the following update on his official Facebook page on Tuesday:

“UPDATE on Jake The Snake Roberts: Great news!… Docs took Jake off ventilator way earlier then expected! He is kicking ass on his spirometer breathing tests…If he keeps up this pace he will not need to go back on Ventilator so everyone please cross your fingers! Jake finally can speak for the first time since last Wed… Late last night (while still ventilated & unable to speak) one of the male nurses took a bandage off of Jake’s neck where they have tubes for his meds… It was so unpleasant to Jake he wrote on the pad they gave him three letters… DDT… Even though Jake is off of the ventilator for the time being he will be monitored for 24-48 hours before docs decide if it is safe to keep him off. Once Jake could speak he wanted steak, milkshakes, eggs & donuts… He is only allowed to get his nutrients intraveinously for the time being… Jake even joked that he would do anything for a donut if he had to… The nurses still said no donuts to which Jake replied with his favorite gesture I think he was trying to say ‘you’re #1’ but I could be wrong?!… One of Jake’s sons flew in to help out but Jake insisted I show him a good time while he rests tonight… Soooo. Zombie Burlesque, here we come! #GetBetterJake”

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