Ethan Carter III Speaks On TNA In NYC, Slammiversary, Sting, Bully Ray & More

The following are highlights of a new Busted Open Radio interview with Ethan Carter III:

On his upcoming match with Bully Ray & how important Slammiversary is to TNA: “This is pretty important. This is 12 years the company’s been around. Granted I’ve only been here 9 months, but I intend to be here for the next 400 years. They’re gonna have to freeze me like Walt Disney. This is a huge moment. I’ve had a lot of opportunity to go into the ring with TNA legends. This match with Bully Ray: He’s 100%, I’m 100%. This is a grudge match, and it’s in Texas. I wouldn’t be surprised to have this match have a Texas stipulation added to it. It’s gonna be a match, and it’s gonna be in Texas, and Bully wants to put me to death. This is gonna be a fight. This is gonna be a match I leave it all out there. This is my opportunity to show the world what I got.”

On how big this match is versus how big his match with Sting was: “I think with Sting that was, well, it’s Sting! No matter what stage of his career he’s at, it’s still Sting, and that’s epic. I think what’s gonna separate this match with Bully vs. Sting is it’s gonna be on PPV. It’s gonna be one on one. We’re gonna go the distance and we’re gonna have a lot of time to tell a story in the ring. A lot of times with TV tapings you don’t have enough time to get to where you want. On PPV you have 3 hours dedicated to just wrestling.”

On upcoming TNA shows in New York’s Manhattan Center & New York fans: “Oh man. I can’t wait. I’ve been a wrestling fan since I first saw it. I love New York fans. They always say what’s on their minds. They’re gonna have some creative things they want to say to the Carter family and it’s gonna be exciting. I don’t know what chants I’m gonna get, but I’d love to get a ‘E-C-Fn-3’ chants, I’d be happy. I’m a fan, so how bout this? ‘Ethan Carter the turd’. If you wanna bring it back to the old ECW, ‘you suck *&^%’ or whatever, have it it. Whatever it is good or bad I’ll take it.”

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