Dolph Ziggler Interview: Triple H Pushing Randy Orton As The Corporate Champion

WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler spoke to Mike Jones of the DC 101 radio station this week to promote this weekend’s WWE live event from Washington, D.C. During the segment, Ziggler spoke out about the storyline of management backing Randy Orton as the “corporate” WWE Champion – and labeling Triple H as the power-hungry executive who is overstepping his bounds.

“If you’ve been familiar with WWE for the last 10 years or so, you would understand without Triple H coming up front and coming out and saying this is our hand-picked guy, he’s the face, no matter what we’re behind him. If you’ve been watching the last 10 years or so you would already know that they made up their mind a long time ago. No matter what he does, good or bad, they’re behind him and they will go out of their way to cut people’s legs out from under them to make sure Randy comes out looking great,” Ziggler told DC 101 radio host Mike Jones this week.

“So, now that that’s out in the open and I’m allowed to comment on it,” Ziggler continued, which plays into Hunter turning heel on TV, “it actually makes me kind of sick. I’m actually really happy for Randy. It makes me mad how good he is. But, the opportunities that he gets over and over again makes that chip on my shoulder seem that much bigger to me. I want to go out there and prove them wrong, prove to Triple H that he backed the wrong guy for the last 10 years.”

Ziggler said that he wants to be the first wrestler to “cross the line” and challenge Triple H’s reign of power.

Here’s audio of the interview:

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