Cameron Speaks On New Season Of Total Divas, Filming The Show & More

The following are highlights from a recent interview with one-half of The Funkadactyls tag-team, WWE Diva Cameron:

What to expect from the upcoming new episodes of E! ‘Total Divas’: “You’re definitely going to see the competitiveness of being in the WWE. There’s only, usually, one spot for the Divas so you can kind of see how being in such a competitive world, seeing how all the girls are trying to basically claw their way to the top. You’re going to see love stories; how the WWE and being on the road so much has an impact on all of our relationships, whether it’s the Divas who have relationships in the WWE or girls like Eva and I who don’t have relationships like that, impacts in both ways. But there’s always going to be drama, that’s for sure. You put seven girls together and it’s bound to be very drama filled, but I can’t give you everything because if I did, I’d ruin it, so you just have to tune in Sundays, after the Kardashians and watch Total Divas.”

Is it odd having the cameras following you all the time: “I mean, at first, it’s a lot because you have a lot of people invading your personal space but I’m so used to it now and it’s what I do for a living. We’re out in front of thousands and the cameras are in our faces when we’re in the ring or even out of the ring or when we’re doing stuff backstage. So, I actually love it and for me, being a Funkadactyl, it’s two of us and sometimes a lot of fans don’t get to know who we are and now we can have that outlet to be like ‘This is who I am’ and ‘That is who Trinity is’ so you can see a difference in our personalities and it’s nice for the fans to get to know us on an one-on-one basis.”

Her favorite part in filming the show: “Gosh, there have been so many good times; I’m trying to think. I can’t really think of one in particular. Actually, I do, but it’s going to be coming up in the second half of our first season, so I think you’ll know what I’m talking about when you see it.”

Her trip to the plastic surgeon on the show and if she felt she made the right choice not getting the implants: “Definitely, I mean I think no matter if you are a woman of if you are male, we all have something about us that we would like to change, you know, and I just feel like this is how we were made and I feel like you should embrace that. I feel that, especially being a role model, that there are a lot of girls out there that feel like the image of what a women should look like should be this crazy, flawless person and we all have imperfections. None of us are perfect, we’re not super human, so whatever way, even if I would have decided to do it, I mean it would have been for my own personal reason not to say oh this is what you should change about yourself.

But I do feel like I wanted to send a positive message to young girls saying, you know what I’m a role model; not to knock anyone who has ever changed anything about themselves because that’s just their own personal thing and to make them feel comfortable. But in my situation, I just wanted to show young girls that I love myself and I love everything about me but I also want to show thing that I don’t like about myself and say that I have these imperfections but be happy with how you are.”

Her famous catchphrases from the show and if she’s surprised they’ve taken off: “I mean, it’s strange to think that stuff I’ve said my whole life, for ever and ever and I’d never even realized I had all these catchphrases. I mean I did have a really outgoing personality and have always has these phrases and sayings and pretty much not having a filter when I say things but it’s so awesome because it’s really catching on with the fans on Twitter and Instagram that are like ‘Girl Bye’ or ‘Boy Bye’ and ‘’, you know what I mean? When I’m out and about shopping and people see me and are like ‘Girl Bye’. It’s so crazy but it’s so cool. SO I’m definitely capitalizing on that.”

What does she do in her free time: “Oh my gosh, I honestly like to sit on my couch with my dog, Glitty, and watch Family Feud. I love Family Feud and Mystery Detectives, that’s like my stuff right there. It’s actually hard for me to turn it off when I get home, I mean, that’s just me being nice; literally I’m always on the go. Even Vincent will go ‘Babe, just turn it off for a second and just enjoy’ but that’s really hard for me because I want to be successful; to me, I just want to give it 110% and when I’m not working it’s just I love what I do and I want to get better at what I do and I want to show my fans that. So, I’m literally always working, but when I do turn it off and put my phone away, and give him the attention that he needs, that’s what I do. But it’s really hard for me to turn it off, it’s something I really do need to work on because it is really hard.”

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