Bo Dallas On How He Created His Character, Differences In WWE & NXT, More

The following are highlights of a new Ring Rust Radio interview with Bo Dallas:

On the backstory of creating his character: “There was no one moment that I could look at that says, ‘this is what happened.’ It was just a series of events. I got the opportunity to become NXT Champion down in the NXT developmental, and luckily I got 8 months as the champion and it just sort of developed. Things started happening and everything was clicking on all cylinders and working and it developed and morphed into its own monster. I just rolled with the punches, kept my eyes open and my ears sharp to everything that was coming in and took it and ran with it.”

On the differences between performing in WWE and NXT: “The way the developmental system is these days is different than it has ever been. They do so much to prepare us for making that jump from NXT to the big stage that there’s not many differences. NXT is its own brand and has become bigger than I think ever thought was possible. But if I can give any inspirational advice to anyone coming up, really look at what you do and know that what works, works. It doesn’t matter the size of the stage, if it works at a smaller stage, it will work at a bigger stage and stay true to what you are and Bo-lieve in yourself.”

On whether his brief stint on the main roster inspired him: “Yes, absolutely. I got the taste which lit a fire under me. In this industry, you have to evolve to stay relevant, what I wanted, I felt. So I had that eight months to know that that’s what I wanted and just worked as hard as I could, nonstop, to get where I needed to be, develop this character and develop who I am today. So yes, it absolutely lit a fire under me.”

On whether he watches WWE Network: “Oh yeah, constantly. I’m on the WWE Network all the time. If I have free time, if I wasn’t on the radio right now, I would be on the WWE Network. There’s tons. A lot of what I watch is Mr. Perfect. I am a diehard fan of Mr. Perfect and Curt Hennig and his work. If I could go back in time and be in the ring with him, I would do anything for it. But I watch a lot of Curt Hennig’s old matches.”

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