Scott Hall Thinks NXT and AEW Going Head-To-Head Is A Good Thing

WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall was the latest guest on the WINCLY podcast where the “Bad Guy” discussed the idea of NXT going head-to-head with All Elite Wrestling on Wednesday nights. Hall opens by predicting that NXT will get its own live show on a network fairly soon.

I think AEW is basically competing with NXT. NXT is booming and global and now that TV wants wrestling, every network is a copycat network,” said Hall. “People want more wrestling on TV so it won’t be long until NXT has a show, I predict. And you heard it here first.

He then states that if you believe in your product, you shouldn’t be afraid to put it head-to-head with competition, as competition breeds a better product.

If you believe in your product, then you put it right up against the guy. I’m coming in right next door and we’re gonna compete for the money. It makes everything sharper and better.

Listen to Hall’s full interview below, where he also discusses his experience as a coach at the performance center.

(H/T and transcribed by Wrestling Inc.)