AEW Announces Details for 'Double or Nothing'; Chris Jericho Joins Promotion

— All Elite Wrestling just concluded their rally in Jacksonville, FL and revealed several noteworthy developments for the new promotion, including that the first event – Double or Nothing – will take place on May 25th in Las Vegas, NV. Chief Brand Officer Brandi Rhodes also announced that there will be a women’s division and that they are already in contact with talent all over the world. Finally, Chris Jericho made a “surprise” appearance, confirming his association with the new promotion but if you read, you would have already known this based on Rajah’s scoops here.

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Conrad Thompson and Alex Marvez are your hosts for the rally.
Conrad asks if you are ready for a revolution and he says wrestling has needed this for a long time. He says there have been a lot of questions and now it is time for some answers.
Conrad brings out So Cal Uncensored (Frankie Kazarian, Christopher Daniels, and Scorpio Sky).
Scorpio says normally they are on the road and they find themselves in these bum towns like Nashville, Tennessee and he looks around and he thinks to himself. This is the worst town I have ever been in. But, for some reason, he does not feel that way today.
Christopher Daniels says he did not think Scorpio was talking about Jacksonville that way. Daniels plugs their T-Shirt. Daniels says it is time to talk business. There has been a lot of speculation and innuendo about them. In 2018, So Cal Uncensored became one of the most popular trios in professional wrestling. They asked themselves on December 31st how to build in 2019. They are here to announce that So Cal Uncensored is part of All Elite Wrestling.
Frankie Kazarian introduces the Jaguars’ cheerleaders and he says he has three letters for everyone to say. He asks for the crowd to join him in an SCU chant.
Conrad and Alex return to the stage.
Alex mentions that there were a number of people who were involved behind the scenes. Conrad introduces Cody.

Cody says it was four months ago he was in the ring at All In and he was surrounded by the best fans. He felt like he was inside a wall of sound and it started a fire. He wants that fire to keep going. That brings them here today. Putting words down on a new sheet of paper called All Elite Wrestling. They have a saying in the Elite and it is ‘Change the World’. You need to change the world you live in and Cody says he has been in the world of wrestling his entire life. There is something that his mentor taught him long ago. Pro wrestlers are often the least paid. That will change at All Elite Wrestling. They are going to change the wrestling economy. Opportunity does not pay the bills. Happy fans make a happy product and the fans come first.
Cody says wins and losses will matter more than they ever have before. Cody says they will not coach you on how to be a fan. You do not have to cheer or boo a specific person. Cody says he is surrounded by a great team. He brings out two men he shares the role of Executive Vice President with. Two men who allowed him to lean into his passions. They are the greatest tag team in the world.
Cody brings out Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson.

Matt says this is unreal. He says a few months ago, they had a goal. That goal was to put 10,000 people in a building and they did it. They went All In. Then the three of them and their friends disrputed the way that professional wrestling functions. They did their own thing. They call themselves The Elite. They were approached by the Khan Family and they were asked if they really wanted to change the world. Matt says they said Yup and the Khans said they would help.
On January 1st, they announced their new promotion called All Elite Wrestling. All Elite, a promotion that welcomes all gifted talent. Race, gender, sex, or religion does not matter. If you are an elite athlete, they want you. Matt says he has an announcement to make. Matt says he has some friends in China who are doing some of the most gifted wrestling moves he has ever seen in his life. You will soon hear about them. They are know as OWE. They have an agreement with Cima to bring that talent into AEW. You will love these guys. They call themselves the Good Hearts. There will be more to come.
Matt wants to make the other announcement since he is an EVP.
Cody says that Tony told him he is the Executive Vice President so he should make the announcement.
Cody, Matt, and Nick argue about their roles as Vice President.
Matt suggests they make the announcement together.
Nick announces that they are running Double or Nothing on May 25th at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Conrad introduces the Chief Brand Officer of AEW, Brandi Rhodes.
Brandi says her title sounds good to her, but she liked being called Chief Brandi Officer. Brandi asks for a shirt to be made.
She says there is a lot of responsibility but she is 100 percent committed to bringing AEW to where it should be. She says the number one question she has been asked is whether there will be a women’s division. Brandi says it would have been strange for her to sign a contract for a company without a women’s division. There will be a women’s division and it will have the strongest roster of talent. She says there is work to be done. She mentions that she has been able to tour the world, even breaking her collarbone in Japan. She faced some top talent there. She also wrestled in Australia and the UK. They are talking to female talent. Brandi says they talked to a number of women in Japan and there is more to come.
They care about their women so they will be paid equally. There will be no sliding scale.
Brandi says they want the best women’s wrestlers. You don’t have to look that far and the best of the best is at home. Brandi mentions the Fatal Four Way Match at All In and they were able to sign one of them.

Brandi brings out Britt Baker.
Britt thanks the Khan family, Matt and Nick Jackson, and Cody and Brandi Rhodes. What that group of people is doing is going to elevate all of wrestling to new heights. She wants to point out that she is no only the first female signee, but she is one of the first signees for the company. That shows that they are prioritizing women’s wrestling. Britt says she stands here as a wrestler and a dentist. She says she hopes not only to showcase her talent and she says that you need to pursue anything you wish to accomplish. Sometimes you have to take a chance on yourself. Last year she went All In and did not win, but it will be Double or Nothing in Las Vegas.
Conrad is interrupted by Maxwell Jacob Friedman. He says he loves seeing a man looking like Conrad sweat through his suit, he wants Conrad to leave.
Maxwell asks Conrad if he likes gum. Maxwell tells Conrad to hold his gum for him.
Maxwell introduces himself to the crowd. He says he is the youngest and fastest rising star in professional wrestling. He says when he got the phone call to appear at this press conference, he was really excited, but it turned to depression when he heard it would be held in the dumpster fire known as Jacksonville, Florida. You cannot call a company elite until you call him. You cannot start a revolution without a fresh face. There is not a fresher face than his.
He says that he is better than you and you know it.

The Jaguars’ mascot comes out and confronts Maxwell. He asks the crowd why do they boo him and cheer the mascot. Maxwell says he will need him to leave the stage before you get hurt. The mascot refuses to leave.
Joey Janela hits Maxwell from behind with a crutch and he is joined by Penelope Ford.
Joey introduces himself and Penelope. Joey says that in 2019, they are All Elite.

Conrad brings out Adam Page.
Adam says he came to Jacksonville today and he says that he realized that today is his first day on the job. He already knew that this was going to be the best first day he ever had. Adam says he does not have a corporate overlord to answer to. He does not have any faceless minions telling him what to say or how to play his music. He says that his boss is all of you. Adam says he will work harder for you than he ever worked before because you deserve it. Adam says he will be selfish for a minute and he says the past few years working with Matt, Nick, and Cody have been the best of his life. They have made him hungry for the chance to hold something that they have held, but he has never held before. Adam says he does not know what the plans are, but his plan is to be the first All Elite Wrestling Champion in 2019.
Pac makes his way to the stage and he gets in Page’s face.
Pac says a champion in 2019? Pac says he has some bad news for you. Pac says he is here in AEW and he is already a champion and the likes of you couldn’t even lace his boots.

Page takes off his jacket and Pac walks away.
Page says if that is some kind of challenge, he accepts.

Conrad brings out Cody, Nick Jackson, and Matt Jackson.
Cody says that Nick scooped the announcement earlier so they have another announcement. Cody says he does not know who wants to make the announcement and Cody would like to do it.
Cody announces that their second show will be in Jacksonville. Cody says that a percentage of the gate will go to victims of gun violence.
Cody says that was his last announcement.

Chris Jericho makes his way to the stage.
Chris introduces himself and he says that he is all in with All Elite Wrestling. Surprise. Chris says they just took things to a different level. He says he is here with AEW. He is not here for the money. He is here because he believes in doing something different and something new. Chris says he is an outlaw and a pariah. He says it all starts today. Chris says this is the day that AEW starts. On May 25th in Las Vegas, he will be at Double or Nothing. Chris says it starts now and it starts forever. He says he is not here to just change the world. AEW is not here to change the world. They are going to change the whole universe.

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