In Four-Party Race, Clinton's Lead Takes a Hit

In a head-to-head contest, Hillary Clinton has maintained a comfortable lead over her likely presidential opponent Donald Trump. However, new polling out Tuesday shows that when pitted in a four-way match-up, such as is expected come November, Clinton’s advantage shrinks to just four points.

The new CNN/ORC survey (pdf) finds that when pitted against Trump, Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, and Green Party candidate Jill Stein, Clinton claims 42 percent of the vote. Trump follows with 38 percent, while Johnson and Stein claim 9 and 7 percent respectively.

When pitted solely against Trump, CNN/ORC finds that Clinton leads by 5 points—which is a slightly smaller margin than the 7-point advantage posted by Monmouth University on Monday.

Only 22 percent of registered voters said they remain undecided in their support of a major-party candidate, and of that group, more than a third said would opt for either Johnson or Stein if given the choice. As CNN notes, neither third party candidate “is guaranteed a ballot slot in all states, but one or both will appear in several key competitive states, including Florida, Colorado and Ohio.”

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Stein’s campaign is hopeful they will get the longtime environmental activist on the ballot in 47 states.

The reluctance to back either Clinton on Trump echoes the consistently high “unfavorability” ratings that have plagued both major-party candidates.