NXT Standout Leva Bates Talks About Blue Pants, Cosplay & 3D

EP 4- Leva Bates A.K.A. Blue Pants- Live From The Clearance Rack

EPISODE 4- NXT Standout Leva Bates A.K.A. Blue Pants sits down with Shin-Blade of ShiLounge and discuss such topics as:

-Being a fan of wrestling
-Training in Team 3D Academy
-Mixing wrestling & cosplay
-Starting out
-Being Chun-Li at a Georgia show
-Almost losing her “Blue Pants”
-Fan cosplay suggestions
-Favorite cosplay outfit
-Her “Price is Right” theme song
-Internet trolling
-Fan artwork
-SHIMMER & Shine
-Geek Soapbox
-Video games
FULL episode: https://soundcloud.com/shin-blade/ep-4-leva-bates-aka-blue-pants-from-the-clearance-rack
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