Northern Plains Greco-Roman Senior Regional Championships

Northern Plains Greco-Roman Senior Regional Championships results. May 10, 2013 at Waterloo, Iowa.

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55 KG
1st Place – Arthur Carmona of usoec
1st: Arthur Carmona (usoec) received a bye () (Bye)

60 KG
1st Place – Joe DeNova of NYAC/USOEC
2nd Place – William Simpson of US Army
3rd Place – Julian Gunnels of Minnesota Storm
4th Place – Jared Parvinmehr of IZZY
1st: Joe DeNova (NYAC/USOEC) won by decision over William Simpson (US Army) (Dec 2-0,1-0)
3rd: Julian Gunnels (Minnesota Storm) won by decision over Jared Parvinmehr (IZZY) (Dec 6-0,3-0)

66 KG
1st Place – Chad Vandiver of Rino WC
2nd Place – Alex Holloway of Marines
3rd Place – Devin Scott of Minnesota Storm
4th Place – Alejandro Sancho of usoec
1st: Chad Vandiver (Rino WC) won by decision over Alex Holloway (Marines) (Dec 2-0,1-0)
3rd: Devin Scott (Minnesota Storm) won by injury default over Alejandro Sancho (usoec) (Inj. 3-0,1-1,0:00)

74 KG
1st Place – Bo Beckman of NYAC/USOEC
2nd Place – Anton Gottfredson of unattached
3rd Place – John Stefanowicz of Marines
4th Place – Caleb Smith of unattached
1st: Bo Beckman (NYAC/USOEC) won by decision over Anton Gottfredson (unattached) (Dec 2-0,1-0)
3rd: John Stefanowicz (Marines) won by decision over Caleb Smith (unattached) (Dec 0-1,2-0,1-0)

84 KG
1st Place – Courtney Myers of Marines
2nd Place – Zeb Wahle of MWC
3rd Place – Adam Carey of TWC/Arizona Wrestling Club
4th Place – Aaron Holland of usoec
1st: Courtney Myers (Marines) won by decision over Zeb Wahle (MWC) (Dec 4-0,3-0)
3rd: Adam Carey (TWC/Arizona Wrestling Club) won by decision over Aaron Holland (usoec) (Dec 6-1,7-1)

96 KG
1st Place – Tyler Lehmann of Minnesota Storm
2nd Place – Patrick Carey of Minnesota Storm
3rd Place – Charles Fish of Marines
4th Place – Donnie Horner of MO West Championship Wrestling
1st: Tyler Lehmann (Minnesota Storm) won by forfeit over Patrick Carey (Minnesota Storm) (FF)
3rd: Charles Fish (Marines) won by decision over Donnie Horner (MO West Championship Wrestling) (Dec 2-0,4-0)

120 KG
1st Place – Parker Betts of MN Storm USOEC
2nd Place – Pete Gounaridis of US Army
3rd Place – Orry Elor of usoec
4th Place – Anthony Edgren of UWW Warhawk Wrestling Club
1st: Parker Betts (MN Storm USOEC) won by decision over Pete Gounaridis (US Army) (Dec 1-0,1-0)
3rd: Orry Elor (usoec) won by decision over Anthony Edgren (UWW Warhawk Wrestling Club) (Dec 0-1,2-0,3-1)

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