JBL Responds To WWE Snub On List Of Grand Slam Champs

With his victory over The Miz, Roman Reigns joined a select group of Superstars in becoming a WWE “Grand Slam Champion” by claiming the Intercontinental belt.
To celebrate this accomplishment and give more hype to it, WWE released a list of previous grand slam champions. However, they seem to be missing one crucial member of this illustrious hall of champions, especially if you ask John Bradshaw Layfield.
The former SmackDown Live announcer wasn’t going to sit back and take this snubbing without saying something though. He promptly got on Twitter to let everyone know he deserved to be on this list as well.


Hey @WWE you sure this list is complete? Might should check your facts. Leave a Wrestling God off the list? https://t.co/jjFi8roJmV
— John Layfield (@JCLayfield) November 25, 2017

I win US Title, Intercontinental Title, Tag Titles and WWE Title-Grand Slam Champion, and @WWE puts out a list and omits me? Come on man!
— John Layfield (@JCLayfield) November 25, 2017

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