GFW Claims Roode ‘Jumped’ From NXT, AOP Update, New HIAC Matches

The Authors of Pain became one of the most dominant tag teams in NXT history. They were strong, powerful, undefeated, and won the NXT Tag Team Championships in less than a year. They were finally beaten for the titles by Eric Young and Alexander Wolfe at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III. This immediately sparked debate on whether or not Akam and Rezar would be called up to the main roster soon. Apparently, the company does intend to bring the team up soon, but they are creating a storyline for the team first. says that the company wants to devise a creative plan for the team first so that they can be involved in something meaningful and not end up as failures like The Ascension. 
The Hell in a Cell pay-per-view is shaping up to be a huge event thanks to matches such as Shane McMahon vs. Kevin Owens and Jinder Mahal vs. Shinsuke Nakamura taking place. The undercard also looks to be rather stellar as The New Day defends their titles against The Usos once again, and Charlotte Flair battles Natalya for the Smackdown Women’s Championship. According to Cageside Seats, WWE plans on adding Randy Orton vs. Rusev, as well as Aiden English vs. Sami Zayn to the event. Randy and Rusev are rumored to continue their feud from SummerSlam for a few more shows, and Zayn and English are currently fighting on television as well.
Bobby Roode singed with WWE and joined NXT back in 2016, and he proved to be a success there when he won the NXT Championship. He only recently dropped the title to Drew McIntyre, and now Roode has joined the Smackdown roster. Before joining WWE, Roode worked on a series of GFW Amped shows. The shows were taped in 2015 and were meant to be aired on television, but they never did. GFW is now airing those shows on pay-per-view, and the announcers for the show implied that Roode ‘made the jump’ from NXT to GFW, suggesting that the events were current and he left WWE to join GFW. Roode is definitely still with WWE and the commentary was added in post-production.

so how do they deal with the GFW Amped footage being 3 years old?
By saying Bobby Roode jumped from NXT to be here.
— MaffewBotchamaniaGuy (@Maffewgregg) September 21, 2017

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