Vasseur praises Renault progress

Former Renault team boss Frederic Vasseur believes his former outfit is on the right track for 2017.

While the French manufacture only scored points in last weekend’s Bahrain Grand Prix, the team’s relative performance compared with last season sees it fight in the tight mid-field, with more potential to extract.

“In pure performance, they are there, and Nico (Hulkenberg) is the perfect driver for a renaissance team,” Vasseur told French daily l’Equipe.

Indeed, it was Vasseur who selected German Hulkenberg for 2017 and beyond, even if he himself decided to leave Renault amid internal political hassles.

Asked if he felt frustrated now to be left with only his Formula 2 team ART to look after, Vasseur denied that was the case.

“Not at all.  There is zero frustration,” he insisted.

“Ok, I worked damn hard last year, as the whole team did, to build something good, and I will not be there when the results come.  But I’m a big boy and I made my decision on my own.”

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The French team manager said he has no regrets about leaving Renault, even as he looks in envy at the new-spec faster cars.

“No, what I like is competition, not the car, and the public wants a fight, not a performance,” said Vasseur.

But he did admit that the Mercedes versus Ferrari battle looks set to be exciting this year.

“On that I agree,” he said.

“It’s nice to turn on the TV on a Sunday without knowing the winner in advance, and it was a long time since we’ve had two teams, with two world champions, fighting for victories.”

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