Stephen Colbert Promises an Open Bar for the Losers at the Emmys

Everybody’s a winner at Stephen Colbert’s Emmy Awards.

Ellen DeGeneres provided pizza, the Stranger Things kids treated the masses to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, but there’s never been booze. The first-time host has vowed to change that—or at least he wishes he could.

With the Emmys fast approaching, Colbert recently discussed his plans for Sunday’s ceremony with E! News. The comedian said that although he hasn’t ordered food for the crowd yet, he is considering having a rolling bar for the losers at the famously dry event. “I’d rather just have a rolling bar for the losers,” he joked.

“There’s no bar here. This isn’t the Golden Globes. There’s no bar in the lobby! Have you ever been to the Emmys?” he prodded the incredulous reporter, who after learning of the show’s no-alcohol policy, agreed it was only fair to supply the losers with some gin.

“Winners get everything,” Colbert interjected, smiling. “They win!”

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While he can’t guarantee a rolling bar cart, the late-night personality can guarantee plenty of laughs. Watch Colbert host the 2017 Emmy Awards this Sunday on CBS at 8 p.m. 

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