Ricciardo: ‘Not involved in performance runs’

Red Bull Racing and Daniel Ricciardo remain focused on consistency rather than outright speed as the team’s RB13’s potential is gradually understood and dialed in.

The Aussie had a difficult afternoon yesterday as an exhaust issue limited his track time, but his work in the morning yielded the third fastest time.

The ‘Honeybadger’ insists however that outright speed is not on anybody’s mind yet at Red Bull.

“We haven’t really got too involved in the performance runs,” he said.

“We’re trying to get some laps, some consistent laps, for reliability as well, to make sure nothing’s getting hot or there’s no problems.

“The lap times, for now it’s still not too representative but we can expect Mercedes and Ferrari to be at the front – and we can be very close as well.”

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Putting in the miles, Ricciardo is now feeling the force, or rather the downforce, and also starting to perceive some physical constraints.

“I definitely learned more about the car and the tyres and really started to feel the downforce. For example, Turns 3 and 9 are now pretty impressive.

” I think when we start doing 60 laps in the heat you’re going to see some physical limits being pushed for us drivers.

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