Matthew McConaughey Totally Called Busy Philipps by the Wrong Name When They First Met

We’ve all called someone by the wrong name at some point in our lives. It’s definitely embarrassing, but it’s an honest mistake that can usually be laughed off. Case in point: Busy Philipps and Matthew McConaughey.

On Monday, the actress was a guest host on Live! with Kelly and Ryan, and Matthew McConaughey made an appearance on the morning talk show. Though everything was fine and dandy during his interview, the real hilarity ensued on social media post-show. Philipps took to her Instagram to recount the time when she first met the Dark Tower actor back in 2006 at a party thrown by BFF Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger.

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“Wait. I didn’t get to tell this story cause when you’re hosting, you know, ITS NOT ALL ABOUT YOU,” Philipps captioned a photo of herself, McConaughey, and Ryan Seacrest on the social media app. “But years ago, at a pre-oscar party when Heath and Michelle were both nominated for Brokeback, Matthew McConaughey came up to congratulate them and we were introduced.”

She continued: “He talked with us for about 10 mins and when he left he said, “Heath, Michelle, congratulations and best of luck to you this weekend. Marc, it was nice to meet you. WHIMSY, it was a pleasure!”

Busy translated into Whimsy? Close enough. Philipps thought so, too. “We obviously didn’t correct him cause who cares?!- he’s Matthew McConaughey! He can call me whatever he wants! But we all just about died. And Michelle to this DAY sometimes calls me Whimsy. And it always makes us laugh,” she wrote alongside two cry laughing emojis.

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“Also. He’s so hot,” Philipps concluded. Well, there you have it, McConaughey may be able to continue his lack of name recognition as long as he maintains his charm and undeniable good looks!