Lifespan Of Umiam Dam In Meghalaya Reduced From 100 Years To Only 5 Thanks To Pollution

We know how much pollution is affecting us all since the past several years now and of it remains unchecked, it might spell catastrophe. The effects of which has already been seen with glaciers melting rapidly and temperatures rising unabatedly. In yet another looming tragedy, the lifespan of Meghalaya’s Umiam Dam, one of the oldest hydroelectric power generation structures in the region, has been reduced by five years due to pollution and siltation. It is expected to end by 2024.

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Constructed before the creation of Meghalaya in the early 1960s, the Umiam Dam stores water for hydroelectric power generation.

“The lifespan of the dam was designed for 100 years, the MeECL (Meghalaya Energy Corporation Limited) officials told us that the life of the dam will end in the next five years by 2024 due to heavy siltation and pollution,” Meghalaya Assembly Committee on Environment Chairman S.K. Sun said.

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