Hamilton focused on Sunday’s race, not ‘silly’ title talk

Lewis Hamilton isn’t interested in talking about his chances of sealing the title on Sunday, as he won’t discard Ferrari and arch-rival Sebastian Vettel.

The Mercedes driver enjoys a comfortable 59-point advantage over the German, putting him in the enviable position of possibly wrapping up a championship year in Austin, although he is thinking about that prospect.

“Talk of the championship win here is silly really,” he said.

“Sebastian, you cannot expect him to have a difficult weekend, they are going to be quick.

“He has been strong all year. He has had a few technical issues, but the car is as good as it has always been.

“For sure, they will be strong this weekend and the last four races. That is why nothing changes. I have to continue to keep the pressure on. There is no reason to back out, I have to keep pushing forward.

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“The championship – as long as it is done in the last four races that is my focus. I honestly don’t care if it is here or the last race, as long as it is done.

“I think winning [the race] here is the most important thing for me – particularly in the midst of all that is going on in the country. That is a priority for me.”

Hamilton admits he has a better understanding of his Mercedes W08, as his four wins in the last five races clearly demonstrates, despite the temperamental nature of what has been labeled a ‘diva’ car.

He also feels he is in a good place currently on a personal level, which has only boosted his confidence.

“It has just really been that confidence of understanding the car a lot better this year – particularly in the second half of the season,” Hamilton added.

“Knowing strengths and weaknesses and evolving processes we work together, so we often hit the ground running with a balance I am more comfortable with, which enables you to step forward easier in the right direction.

“On the driving side, there are a lot of positive things happening in my life, a lot of interesting things I forecast in the next 18 months.

“That is an exciting and uplifting thing, so I am arriving at these races with an abundance of positivity [that] keeps me in the right place.

“Toto [Wolff] and the Mercedes team have been supportive of the things I am in to and the way I move, which enables me to be in that position, which I really appreciate

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