Hamilton expecting ‘gun blazing’ response from Vettel in 2018

Lewis Hamilton is expecting a massive response from Sebastian Vettel in 2018 after the German’s botched title challenge left his rival with a few hard lessons.

The Ferrari driver was in for a real chance this year to break Mercedes’ three-year hegemony and inflict defeat upon Hamilton, but multiple errors and reliability issues during a ‘meltdown’ Asian leg crushed Vettel’s hopes.

Hamilton, who clinched the title with two races to go, believes his opponent will take what he learned from his season and return to the fray an even stronger force to be reckoned with.

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“I’m not going to tell you what I’ve learned but you can see it and I think you guys have learned about him,” Hamilton said.

“He shouldn’t shy away from that. He will learn from the experiences, as we all do.

“I have had years like that. He has had years of complete solidity like [mine] this year as well.

“I imagine next year he’s going to be coming back guns blazing, but I don’t feel there’s anything I can’t achieve if I put the work in.”

The four-time world champion’s approach next year will be once again to keep on pushing without conceding an inch while also taking advantage of his challengers’ slightest weakneses.

“Pressure points, weak points – you just keep your foot down, keep the pressure on and when the other shows no sign of weakness that’s definitely difficult,” Hamilton added.

“Look at [tennis stars Roger] Federer and [Rafael] Nadal, at some point in the game one will see a slight weakness in the other – even if just half a percent.

“That’s what they try to capitalise on and which makes the difference, and that’s really how it has been this year.”

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