Gwen Stefani Designed an Eyewear Collection Because of Her Son’s Bad Eyesight

Moms will do anything to make sure their children are taken care of, and Gwen Stefani is no exception.

We caught up with the 47-year-old mother of three on Wednesday at L.A.’s London Hotel, where she was on hand to celebrate and preview her fall L.A.M.B. and gx eyewear collections. So when did she really realize she was interested in all things optics?

While the pop star has always been interested in designing sunglasses, her interest expanded when she started wearing reading glasses herself. “I just pretty much do only projects that I am inspired about, and that I feel I can be honest and real about. This is just something I’ve wanted forever,” she told us.

“The optical was not even on my radar, but now, I actually enjoy doing that more than the sunglasses, because I feel like sunglasses are boring. If you can get optical looking good, then you feel excited to put it on. When you really have to, you want to look cute,” she added.

Of course, Stefani is a fashion girl in her own right, but taking on the designing duties also came out of need. Her 8-year-old son, Zuma, needed to wear glasses, so she designed cool glasses for kids via her gx Juniors collection. “My little baby boy has to wear them, which is heartbreaking when you find that out,” she said. “Then you go out there to try to find something, and everything’s lame looking. And you’re like, now you have to go to school.”

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“That’s why it’s so perfect that I got to be able to be part of this,” she continued, adding that Zuma loves wearing a striped pair from the collection. “To me, that is too small a collection for kids. Hopefully they’re going to do good enough that I can keep doing more. I love it. I love being part of designing.”

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Stefani is also wrapping up the designs for her 2018 collection, which is set to debut in January.

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