Rousey insults fans and Canada at non-televised live event in Toronto

Raw Women’s champion Ronda Rousey seems to be having a ball being a heel and had fun taking jabs at Canada after the non-televised live event in Toronto yesterday.
Rousey main evented the show against Ruby Riot in a match that obviously Ronda won. During the match, Rousey kept taking digs at fans and insulting them while at one point she even crotch chopped the crowd to massive boos.
After the show was over, Rousey was in a car and was mobbed by fans. She was laughing and asking the fans what more bad things she can say about their country. At point someone reached in the car and tried to touch Rousey and she promptly replied with, “Don’t you f***ing touch me!”
Rousey’s car was stuck in traffic getting out of the arena which allowed fans to surround her car and interact with the Raw Women’s champion.
Ronda turned heel on Raw this past Monday and then recorded an f-bomb-filled video taking shots at WWE and its fans.

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