Bayley On Potential Heel Turn, Update On Her Injured Shoulder & More

WWE Superstar Bayley spoke with the folks at Raute Musik while at the WWE 2K18 event in New York City over the weekend.

During the interview, Bayley gave an update to her fans regarding the status of her injured shoulder, recovery and her eventual WWE return.

“I just had my second day of physical therapy [last Friday], which was really painful,” said Bayley. “Luckily, I lost my sling, so I’m kind of seeing how it feels without having it. This rock tape really helps, but as you can see it’s really healing up, my physical therapist is doing a lot of stretching with me and kind of breaking down the tissue around it.”

Bayley continued, “So, I’m just starting to be able to move it a little bit, but I mean we have to get strength back and have to be able to be in the ring. I get checked in another month or so.”

Also during the interview, Bayley discussed the possibility of turning heel in WWE at some point in the future.

“I can,” said Bayley. “You never know. [If] you make me mad… I have a bad side you know, I get mad all the time. I could bring it out.”

Check out the complete Bayley interview above, or at H/T to for transcribing the above Bayley interview quotes.

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