Whitney Port Gets Real About Pregnancy Insecurities

We all know and love Whitney Port from her time on The Hills and The City as a veritable fashion maven, but the woman has a lot more going on than her reality television past. Six years ago, she published the book True Wit, and most recently, designed her own sWEat by Whitney Port activewear collection, as well as took on the head creative role for flower delivery service Bloom2Bloom.

But, perhaps, her biggest life endeavor is yet to come in a few short months when she gives birth to her first child. Port announced her pregnancy with husband, Tim Rosenman, on social media back in February, and recently got real about her journey to conception. She hopes sharing her story will not dispense advice, but rather help women in similar situations. “I’m hoping that this might be helpful to those of you out there who are going through similar things or maybe at least entertaining for those of you who are not,” she wrote in a blog post for People.

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“Right now, I’m just starting my third trimester and feeling pretty good,” Port continued. “After marrying my husband, Timmy, we began the discussion of starting a family. We both wanted to wait a bit, but in the back of our minds were worried about not being able to conceive.”

Unexpectedly, she and Rosenman got bacterial infections on their honeymoon. “Mine was a pelvic infection and causing me a lot of pain,” she said. “We got home and I went to my doctor, who put me on antibiotics immediately. The infection cleared up, but my doctor seemed concerned that this could have an effect on me getting pregnant down the road.”

Like any of us, Port was understandably terrified. A year later, when her husband wanted to start trying for a family, fear set in once again. “In my heart, I knew that I was never going to be ‘ready,’ and that in time, I would just learn whatever I needed to learn and be okay,” she divulged. “But he seemed to not be worried at all, which was great, but also secretly annoying. We agreed that I would go off my birth control and see what happened! I guess we assumed that it would take a while because of my previous medical issue and then we’d have to chart out the days I was ovulating and all that other stuff you see in movies.”

In addition to her blog posts, Port has started a video diary, which she plans to put on YouTube every other Thursday. “I gotta say, it feels kind of good to sit down and write down my feelings—more so than just in a journal because I know a lot of people are going to read it and hopefully send feedback,” she confessed.

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We can’t wait to watch Port’s journey to motherhood in the next several months as we await her baby’s arrival.

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