Watch Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone Charmingly Fail Musical Trivia Quiz

They may be starring in a box-office smashing, award-winning musical, but Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling have a bit of brushing up to do on their own knowledge of classical musicals. The La La Land stars participated in a game of musical trivia with Magic Radio, London, and Stone definitely fared much better than her leading man, who proclaimed, “so basically this is an intervention, a musical intervention.” A much-needed intervention, if we do say so ourselves.

Some of the questions included naming the principal cast members of classic musical movies like Easter Parade, Oklahoma, and High Society. They were also asked to name a musical by plot, with Stone guessing The Rocky Horror Picture Show almost immediately, while Gosling failed to place just what movie Dr. Frank-N-Furter’s mansion was from.

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When the host read out “raindrops on roses,” for the duo to complete the lyrics, Gosling may have guessed the actress who sang the song correctly, answering Mary Poppins, but Stone got it right, correctly answering “and whiskers on kittens, from Sound of Music,” as Julie Andrews starred in both.

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Watch the video above to see Gosling hilariously fail every trivia question.