Camilla gets dress right

It was a very subdued wedding, for Camilla and Charles, as far as royal weddings go. The newly titled HRH, Duchess of Cornwall (now ranking only second to the queen) did manage to get her dress right in what must have been a very difficult choice for a slightly older and high profile bride.

The dress, which was suitably demure yet regal enough, was a stunning knee-length chiffon dress worn with matching oyster coat. Designed by Antonia Robinson and Anna Valentine, the British duo who made the wedding dress for Lord Linley’s wife Serena.

Although Camilla’s was a formal outfit, it was also soft and elegant. While she will probably not go down in books as a style icon of her era, she chose opted for a perfectly graceful look. Camilla’s outfit for the blessing was equally suitable: a blue silk dress with a fitted floor-length coat.