A TLC and Taylor Swift Collab May Be in Our Future

There’s absolutely no bad blood between Taylor Swift and the ladies of TLC. In fact, the beloved ’90s girl group has lots of love for the pop star. Specifically, Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas sounds like a card-carrying Swiftie.

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“I like Taylor Swift a lot,” Thomas tells People in this week’s issue. “She has really fun, catching songs. It’s so funny, I always say, any guy that’s gonna date her, just be careful, because if it doesn’t work out, they know by now the next single is gonna be about them! I love how real she is. I really respect her a lot as an artist.”

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So yeah, the TLC bows down to Swift’s ability to write about her personal life so publicly. But could they ever actually join forces? “I would love that,” Chilli adds, saying that she appreciated Swift’s 1989 World Tour cover of “Unpretty.” “We really need to make that happen—put her right there in the middle, playing the guitar, and we can harmonize away. I think that would be awesome if that ever happened. Let’s do it!”

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What do you think, Taylor?

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